Limited-production, hand-made pickups, reproducing that vintage Gibson Thunderbird pickup sound, offered in several different winds. All parts designed by ThunderBucker Ranch and made in the USA.

I've got to apologize for all the weeds growing up in the website, but late 2013/early 2014 hasn't been the greatest year here at the 'Ranch, and attention to the website has suffered. We've had a death in the family, 2 surgeries for my wife, and a move from outside Crater Lake National Park to the more "metropolitan" Medford. In the mean time, one of my prime suppliers gave up the ghost and left me scrambling to find a replacement. Unfortunately, the replacement increased my costs by more than $15. So until I find a cost effective replacement for the replacement, I've got to add a $10 surcharge on each pickup order. So please add $10 per pickup to the prices on each page. I'm working on getting the costs back down, and the surcharge will go away as soon as I can do it. Thanks for all the support. -steve


The pickup family includes the Fender-ish bright 63s, the more agressive sound of the 66s, a new entry called the 66S (optimized for single pickup application), and the Maxes. A Max pickup is the most power I can leverage into the Thunderbucker packag--more wire, and more magnet power.

I also offer a 5 string modification that "stretches" the magnetic field across the wider span of the 5 string, but fits in the same can. I also now can offer gold cans.

See the pickups tab up top for more info and links to sound clips.


I offer nickel-sliver trim rings, and the black plastic spacers that go underneath to dress up the rings. I also offer Hand Rests and Bridge Covers for vintage replications. See the hardware tab up top for more info.