Limited-production, hand-made pickups, reproducing that vintage Gibson Thunderbird pickup sound, offered in several different winds. All parts designed by ThunderBucker Ranch and made in the USA.

2015 update: costs have been finalized, with a slight increase due to vendor cost increases, see the Pickups page. The MAX pickup is no longer being offered. Shipping costs have increased slightly to to USPS price changes. Prices quoted in USD.


The pickup family includes the Fender-ish bright 63s, the more agressive sound of the 66s and a new entry called the 66S (optimized for single pickup application.

I also offer a 5 string modification that "stretches" the magnetic field across the wider span of the 5 string, but fits in the same can.

See the pickups tab up top for more info and links to sound clips.


I offer nickel-sliver trim rings $20 each plus shipping), and the black plastic spacers that go underneath to dress up the rings are $10 each. I also offer Hand Rests and Bridge Covers for vintage replications. See the hardware tab up top for more info.

2015 Price List

63, 66 pickups: $175 each, $340 the pair.
66S pickup: $175.
5 string 63, 66, 66S pickups: $185 each, $360 the pair.
Nickel silver trim rings: $20 each.
Black polished ABS spacer: $10 each.
Nickel silver bridge cover: $65
Nickel silver handrest: $65
Paired nickel silver bridge cover and handrest: $125.

Prices do not include shipping, a final quote for each order will include shiping and insurance to your location.